Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Danger is my middle name

I am amazed at the inborn desire for adventure in this mini-man.
The thirst for danger, challenge, & conquest.
I must have found him like this 10 times today. One moment he was beside me folding laundry, the next I hear him squealing with delight, proud as he could be to have summited Mt. Table.
And it wasn't enough to stand on the table. He would then bend his knees and rock the table...kinda like he was surfing. Eyes wide & dancing, he let out a belly laugh of conquest.

He makes me crazy with worry & dirt & danger, but oh, how I love that masculine heart of his!
He reminds me of his daddy, and I smile to myself as I think of how God has crafted Judah's heart after his own. Wild, strong, & brave.
I may crave the safe, intimate, & sweet - but there's something about the wild, epic, & fierce that makes my heart go pitter-patter.
Loving the way He was made us male & female,


Linda said...

I love Belle climbing in the background! Cute Cute Cute!

Cam and Elisa said...

Love this!

Kelli said...

Oh yes! It is so true. Have you read Wild at Heart by John Elredge?

Woollard House said...

I am Lion...hear me ROAR! ;)

beckyjomama said...

Did you really expect a J-Cub to be tame?! He is a child of the King after all! LOVE that boy!

Kimberly Kirk said...

Oh my! I think Wyatt and Judah are going to be getting in lots of mischief in a few years! They are so much alike. I find Wyatt doing dangerous things all the time. Oh by the way...he rolled down the basement steps at my mom's the other day. He was just fine. Mom said she thought an angel guided him down. She was very shaken up and felt horrible. I told her that I was not surprised in the least since I find him doing risky things constantly. I think our sons are definately taking after their father's. We are not really risktakers :) Change...blah. Predictability...yay! Love you girl.