Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Mom, Can you send my letter to Jesus?"

Belle just brought me her first letter to Jesus and asked me to send it to him.

I asked her to read it to me. Finger to paper, following line after line of scribbles, here is what she said:

Dear Jesus,
I really, really love the bike that Rachel gave me, and I'm so glad I have a baby!
And I love you, Jesus (exclamation point)!
And I really love you, but I wish I could be in heaven with Jesus.

But I really love the toys, but sometimes I get sad because I need toys to play with.

I love you. (Heart)
And I love to make rainbows out of paper. And I really want to go to church so I can see my friends.


1 comment:

j said...

that is so sweet! i can see God's handprints all over her little heart already! must make a mama proud...i love the inner struggle of her ltender almost 4 year old heart westling betweeen heaven and things of this world (like toys!)

i'm certain Jesus got this letter already!