Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sacred Calling

Oh, how sacred our relationships.
I've been thinking on this lately.
And what a sacred calling to be entrusted with the heart of another.

Our small group is considering doing a marriage study this fall & so the heart of man and heart of woman - the beauty and the brokeness, the harmony and the discord - is fresh on my mind.
I recently heard these to songs for the first time, and I love how they echo the heart cry of a man (trying his best to lead his family - knowing He can only invest in them what they so desperately need as He is lead by His father) and the heart cry of a woman (To be cherished, pursued in spite of fear). I hope you'll take a listen & perhaps be inspired as you daily live out your sacred calling of two that are one.



j said...

i've been enjoying the first song (they play it on comcast's contemporary christian station...although it isn't Sanctus Real and i think the title may even be different??). anyways, it has been a favorite of mine lately too and they interviewed the original songwriter on sirius recently and he spoke of the inspiration behind the song. it's a great one and any godly married wife and mother could understand this powerful need and heart's desire to be led.

i enjoyed the bethany dillon one too...thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

I too tear up at these songs. Very powerful and I always thought to myself, can every family relate to this?

Anonymous said...

Words for my soul, Erica. Thank you.

Cam and Elisa said...

Never heard that first song. Thanks for sharing. Really powerful and so true!
Bethany Dillion is from my hometown so I know this.
Its so interesting to see how men and women alike have battles within that are so alike and yet so different! May God's spirit help us to continue to love and respect one another and help each other walk closer to Him!