Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Danger with a little flavor on top

Its incessant!
Exploring sister's earrings...

And a conversation I overheard just now,
Judah: "Da! Dad! Da!"
Belle: "(Giggle) I'm not your daddy, Judah!"
Judah: "Da! Da! Da!"
Belle: "Judah! Silly boy! I'm not your dad! See look! I have hair!"

These babies are the flavor of my world.
The Pumpkin Spice Latte to my soul.

And the source of my first gray hair, which I found the other morning...thankyouverymuch!
Oh well! If they make me go gray, at least I can dye my hair & be the strawberry blond I've always dreamed I could be (Jenna Young, you are my hair idol!).


Amber said...

I always wanted to be strawberry blonde too. Still do, but can't afford it!

Kelli said...

Me too! If I ever dye my hair I'm going reddish.

And I still just giggle at your baby danger boy. I remember those days so well. You realize the crib won't last long, right?