Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Touchy Feeley

Aron, Belle, & I are all three of the "Quality Time" & "Words of Encouragement" love language camp. But Judah...he is of another breed - "Physical Touch". A few cute observations of his young heart expressing love in its native tongue:

1. At night when Judah awakes (no he is still not sleeping through the night, and YES I worked like a charm for Baby #1, not so much for Baby #2) he nestles into his favorite spot between Aron & I in bed (no haters, please!). When I lay him down he stretches those little arms to their capacity in order to hold onto Aron with one hand and me with other. And he will sleep the rest of the night spread eagle holding onto to us both.

2. When he nurses (Yes, he is still nursing....again, no haters, please!) he picks up my hand wherever it is resting and gently places it on his face.

3. I've had more people than I can count tell me that when they hold Judah, they find it so sweet that he gently rubs their arm as they carry him around.

4. Each morning (and often several times throughout the day), Judah will crawl up to Belle, grab her around the neck and embrace her for an extended time...followed by kisses and snuggling.

Isn't it amazing how God has intricately inscribed even the subtle aspects of our personality from birth! I love discovering my babies' personalities and 'unwrapping' the unique marvel that they are day after day. We pray that God will show us how to communicate His love and our love in way they will understand.
Enjoying love in every language,


Amber said...

Kirkley was past 1 before she slept through the night--you are not alone in that! She was also past 1 when she quit nursing. Nothing wrong with it, and how can anyone hate on a little boy that wants to hold on to his Mama and his Daddy to sleep. One day he won't, so treasure it for now! Touch is Noah's love language. He was really handsy when he was younger. He owes a lot of women dinner.

j said...

Awww...that is so tender and sweet. Made me want to crawl in bed with y'all (but that sounds kinda weird now, doesn't it?) lol! I've been one who has experienced Judah's sweet nonchalant caresses while he's in my care. He is a gentle and loveable little thing!

I'm a touchy-feeler too, so I understand a little bit of the heart of this young boy! Sometimes all it takes is a big long hug from my hubby and the world stops, the grouchies leave, i feel understood, loved, and my troubles melt away.

He's blessed to have a mommy who already understands this need of his.

And for the record, I am not a hater! Both the older kids are sleeping in my bed right now as I type...but I will be kicking them out here in a minute when I finally decide to rest my weary head. :) (When darcy is gone, i don't mind them falling asleep in our bed. Then when he gets home he gets to hug, snuggle and carry them into their own beds. It's a win-win! I know they feel safe in our bed...especially when there are nights daddy isn't there to tuck them in...there is comfort in sleeping on his pillow. :))

Kimberly Kirk said...

Wyatt is sooo similar in what you just described about the physical touch. You can tell they are related :) Much love to you all...

Woollard House said...

i have checked your blog 3 x's today waiting with baited breath for all the dish on this past weekend. I know the kids LOVED IT!!!