Friday, May 20, 2011

3:46 am

A soft, sweet voice chatted happily in the living area. It awoke me from the foggy sleep I had drifted into. I made my way out of our bedroom to see this:
Its 3:46 am. Do you know where your Lion Cub is? Apparently mine had opened his toy closet, grabbed a toy car & a tub of play dough, carried it out into the hallway (where the light was on), and was playing happily all by a dark, silent house.

He had to have crawled over his sister, but Rose sleeps like she's under Maleficent's pricked finger spell. Dead to the world. In all the commotion of him playing and putting him back to bed, she never even stirred. Infact, if Judah ever wakes up and works himself into a full on cry, no matter how long we let him go, she will have no interruption of her comatose sleep.
Here she is fresh as a daisy this morning, reading a book upon rising. That's my girl!

So the moral of the story is that this little adventurous cowboy failed his trial run at the big boy bed, and at least for a few more months, will stay (trapped) safely in his crib. No more middle of the night one-man-parties for you, Judah Man!

a bit sleepy today,


j said...

How cute is that! Haha...I just finished writing a post about "sleep problems" too. Sounds like we both need to tell our boys to "Go to bed!" (and STAY in bed!)

grandma jackie said...

BELLE LOOKS SO GROWN UP IN THIS PIC.and love the pic of judah up all by himself.:)

Kelly said...

ok friend, i am only saying this because I have been know to do some crazy things for a good pic, but really ejk it was three in the morning you really took his picture. am I the only one seeing this?

Denise said...

One night, Andy and I woke up to the loudest laughter. Mind you, it was like 3:00am. Upon further investigation, we came downstairs to find Danielle watching cartoons on the tv in he middle of the night. She was having a great time! I was 3 at the time! It cracked me up!