Sunday, May 15, 2011

when it rains

Strumming a melody that lifts my eyes from discouragement and despair,
Husband has carved out a beautiful proclamation from Phillipians.
And as he sings,
"For I have learned to be content
In every circumstance.
I have learned to trust your Word.
I'll put into practice all I have heard."

I find myself soaking in the contentment of this moment.

He has moved on to another song,
Each one comes in its own way.
Sometimes in waves, and as inspiration rushes in,
Truth resonates in the soul and escapes in meter and melody.
And I know it is the Spirit whispering in his ear.

The rain falls, and it shows no signs of relenting.
But today, we worship. Today, we sabbath.
Today, we find life, joy, and hope
Even in the downpour.
I can't explain it, other than the miracle of Christ indwelling.
He ushers in peace, whispers love, fulfills promises.
He is the good shepherd, and he leads us beside still waters.
My thirsty soul is drinking deep.

1 comment:

j said...

The Son is still shining even when it rains! Thankful that never changes. Without the rain, we'd never see the rainbow. Trusting in the One who gives a perfect balance to the things we need and the things we don't. Finding beauty in the downpour is a gift from make it look so natural! I'd like to think it's because you have sown this choice so tightly into the fabric of your being that it has become your divine default. Keep drinking deep...His is a water that does not run dry.