Saturday, May 21, 2011

A sweet way to spend a Saturday morning

Saturday greeted us with the loveliest of outward graces. Sunshine and 70's, the promise of a simply gorgeous day. While Aron hopped from Tennessee to Georgia to Michigan (all in a few hours...this still blows my mind), the kids and I decided to visit our very favorite one stop donut & farm stand orchard shop.

Oh it was a wonderful first visit of the year. There's not much by way of fruit or veggies in season yet, but the donuts are always freshly made. And lets be honest...that's what we REALLY come for anyway, right?!

Extra to take home for Sunday morning breakfast...YUM!

Judah sampled one of each; I think its a way of marking his territory.

And Belle did a little dance for us; silly girl!

And look at the view across the street...the orchard in full bloom! Someone help me out on this one...I believe those are peach trees; am I right? Which has got me anticipating the absolutely fabulous homemade peach donuts this little stand makes each day with peaches right out of their orchard. A delightful reward after a hard week's work!

I just love little one of a kind specialty shops. And we're especially sweet on this one! You'll have to join us one Saturday morning!


kara e said...

Judah looks so long-legged and big. Guess that happens. Belle's dance reminds me of a certain other little girl's picture "dance" when her dad was trying to get a family pic!

gma jackie said...

i agree with kara judah looks soo long legged. growing up so fast!

Cam and Elisa said...

where is it again? My mouth waters everytime you talk about it!
I am wondering if we can swing by this place this summer??