Friday, May 20, 2011


Our main squeeze, our five o'clock happy hour, our prickly snuggles, our lights out, and our sleep safe and sound has arrived safely in NashVegas (as he fondly calls it) for his songwriting conference.

Lucky him. Poor us. (I know its only a few nights, toughen up, right?! We're really a-ok. But having Aron away for a few days sure does make me so look up to all of you out there that either send your husbands away for weeks or months on end or who are parenting all by yourselves. You are truly amazing, and God sees. And he is with you. Always.)

I woke the kids extra early so they could have breakfast with daddy before he left for the airport. I explained to Judah, "Let's have some breakfast with daddy; he's going to fly on an airplane today." No sooner than the words left my mouth, Judah practically leaped out of my arms and stammered off in his crazy bumble-run to find Aron. I followed and caught up with him just as he was tugging on Aron's shorts, "I go airpane. Peeeease. Peeease. I go airpane!"

Later in the day, long after Aron had gone, I found Judah attempting to put on Aron's deodorant. He looked up at Belle and me and said, "I daddy. I daddy." I suppose when the alpha male leaves, the younger pups instinctively know they're supposed to step up.

Except my young alpha-male-would-be decided come nightfall that perhaps sissy's bed would be the best place to rest his head. He's never crawled up in bed and layed with her before without getting up. Perhaps he wanted her comfort tonight?

I just hope I don't get a middle of the night visitor, peeking eyes staring just over the matress to totally wig me out while I'm manning the fort alone.
Well, that's what's a goin' on,


Kimberly Kirk said...

I will be thinking about you lots with Aron being gone. It does get lonesone especially at night. Look forward to talking to you!

grandma kirk said...

love the sleeping angels pic. the close up of judah is adorable. and i think my sentiment of getting up early would probably be more like Belles;)LOL.

Woollard House said...

i had to giggle at your comment about eyes in the middle of the night. All the kids used to get up in the middle of the night. The boys would be saying my name as they entered my room and would tap me and so I knew exactly what was going on. (groan) GRACE on the other hand wouldn't make a peep. I would just feel a presense in the room and open my eyes to her BIG OL eyes peering at me wide open. SCARED ME TO DEATH every time. It took me years to break her of that habit. enjoy your babies. Now they don't usually need me in the middle of the night, unless it is for something I REALLY DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH!!! yuck.