Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Belle attentively listened as Aron and I brainstormed our best and most economical ways to keep the critters out of our little garden. She came to us on Sunday and told us she needed "a big stick, hay...but we don't have hay, so yarn will do, tape, marker, glue, and a brown paper bag. And that is all." And she set to work creating the scare crow she had dreamed up in her brain.

"The bunnies will hop up and see the scary face. They will be SOOOO afraid that they will run away and leave our vegetables alone!" she explained.

She has been the biggest helper with this garden. She wants to do it all. And when we've done all there is to do...well she finds a way to prolong the fun. Sunday night we found her doing this:
With a shovel (that is every bit as big and heavy as her tiny frame), she dug little holes and planted flowers (blossoms picked from a tree). Aron and I walked around the yard and found planted flowers scattered everywhere! She was hard at work!
It must be the "Gardner" in her!
Forgive me for the bad pun,


gma jackie said...

Erica she looks like a little mini me of you sitting ther planting her flowers. beautiful!cant wait to see you all this weekend.

Kimberly Kirk said...

Did Belle watch Curious George?? That was an episode recently about how George made a scarecrow to keep the pigeons out of his garden. Haha.

beckyjomama said...

LOVE that girl! LOVE!