Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coloring My World

Irish Moss - with your wild bursts of green and untamed texture in a world that is frozen over.
And a vintage leaded glass sun-catcher casting rainbows across our living room.
Acquired atop an obscure Lewis Mountain in beautiful Southern Ohio, you remind me of Herb Festivals, freshly shaken lemonade, & family.

Precious, blow-my-mind-creative artwork found in random places all over the house.
I found the above self portrait & asked my 3 year old impressionist what she had created. "That's me, momma!" Belle beamed. She proceeded to show me each feature formed from random objects collected around the house. When I say I live with a hurricane named Isabelle, this is what I mean. She collects and gathers and spreads and compiles. I can't keep up with her! But I love it!

And finally, sweet gatherings.
My girl has an imagination like I have never seen. Aron says he can remember playing with the creative spunk which encompasses her world. I know I didn't. As in the artwork, I find scene upon scene of princesses and ponies, dwarves and Dora's in the most random places. My favorite is when they lie "asleep" in a dark room covered by shreds of toilet paper for blankets and leaves (torn from my plants) for pillows. She is a hoot to live with!
Coloring my world,

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beckyjomama said...

That is QUITE the gathering - such variety!! LOVE the face.

Love the girl.

Love the family!