Thursday, February 4, 2010


Aron's office Tuesday afternoon

I sit waiting for him to finish up work so we together can leave for our coffee date (during Belle's dance class).

With nothing else to do, I read over his shoulder as he finishes up a personal email to a good friend with whom he is sharing what God has been doing in his heart.

I was so encouraged by his words, I asked him if I could post a portion of it in hope that you too may share in this truth.

Slept through my alarm this morning so no workout happened, but got the reading done through Matthew 12. Jesus blows me away.

I've always felt like my
relationship with God is directly tied to my calling and what I'm actually DOING for him. I believe this is true, but when I fail to put in the time of Bible reading and prayer to check where my will and motives are, I find myself trying to accomplish my calling apart from God's Spirit, which is TERRIBLE. In fact, it's downright UNFRUITFUL. All my work is frivolous apart from his Spirit, which works within us. Scripture says, "keep in step with the spirit," and to be "filled with the Spirit" (greek word for 'filled' means the act of constantly being filled, like a sail on a sailboat that has to be constantly be filled in order to move and steer the boat!). When we don't spend the quiet time in Bible reading or take the time to pray constantly, in everything, asking God's direction, we're bound to end up going through the motions of "doing his work" apart from his Spirit, kind of like a musician trying to play a song they don't know yet apart from the Conductor.

Being a musician, I like the analogy of keeping your "instrument" IN TUNE to the song that God is singing over the earth. Scripture says God's VOICE spoke all things into creation, and that he "sings over us". His Spirit is
singing a song right now over the earth-- a song that leads, comforts, heals, reconciles, renews, refreshes, exhilarates, etc. When our instrument is in tune to God's song, we RESONATE with what he is doing, and his Kingdom begins to come in our lives as our instruments amplify his song. Our spheres of influence are drenched with the rich melodies of his love and grace.. And when we're not in tune, well, as Paul says, we're just a "resounding gong or a claning symbol"!

I couldn't believe how timely this was when I read Aron's words. My study this week has been engrossed in tapping into God's spirit that lives within me - or as Aron described - tuning this instrument to the song he is playing all over the world so that I may resonate his song. Too many days I don't take the time I need to get into the Word & pray & I end the day like a wind-up toy monkey clanging away. His words summed up what God has been speaking to me.

May you resonate with him, may his Kingdom come in your life, may you amplify his song,

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mom kirk said...

well said aron. you need to keep you're writings and publish them in a book someday. they are very inspiring,and could help inspire others.