Tuesday, February 16, 2010

quick peek

Our Prima Ballerina got all dressed up with nowhere to go...
nowhere a girl who awoke with a fever & sinus infection can go that is.
So we stayed in this evening finishing cleaning up from a houseful of love this weekend.
Along with a few projects we've been working on.
Isabelle & Chloe played every waking minute - all day until midnight every night. Belle is sure going to miss her.
Judah still hasn't cut his bottom 2 teeth, but oh is he so ready. I think extreme interest in food & teething misery resulted in the following:If you can't tell, there is a piece of ham on my plate. Judah grabbed the plate dragging it to the edge of the table & then tried to take a bite.

That's all for now. Have a great night, everyone.

1 comment:

grandma jackie said...

hope belle and judah are feeling better real soon. love the photos