Monday, May 17, 2010

beauty & the beast

my beauty, Belle,in her morning glory.

Freshly plucked from her bed of dreams,awakened to her world of choc-o-late milk, giggles, and lands beyond.
And my ferocious beast (to be), but for now, a playful lion cub. (I was beyond thrilled to stumble upon this Lion shirt).
This little cub must be a beautiful beast; at the grocery this week he was told by 3 different passerby's, "What a cute little girl!"
Don't worry, Lion Cub. One day you will grow your mane, and there will be no mistaking who you are: brave and fierce, full of honor and love. As Daddy once penned in a song,

"Be an Oak, my son, with the heart of a Lion.
The only failure in life, is not even trying.
For you are of the chosen race,
marked not by flesh, but by the Grace -
Born of the Blood, we breathe by faith.
For the sake of the others...
That's why they call us the Lovers."



Amber said...

I know you get told 50 different times that your babies look like 50 different people, but in my opinion I think that Judah has been looking like his Daddy in some of his recent pics. And it's not just the cool hats!

beckyjomama said...

He is one handsome fella - and it happens to best of em. Soph has not gone a day in her life w/out some kinda pink on her person and STILL gets told how handsome she is almost everytime we are out. Even now, with boes in her hair! I think she is all girl - and I think J-man is all boy.

(and don't we ALL wish we looked as good as Belle when we wake up?)

Kurt and Kristine said...

I know how you feel about Judah being called a girl. Just yesterday I had someone call Kaden a girl...just because a baby has hair does not mean it's a girl, lol! Your kids are just adorable!!

grandma jackie said...

just precious!

j said... belle's sleepy-yet-full of life morning eyes. She is a beauty! And I love lil' lion cub's photos (and what you did with them!), How could anyone think he is a girl...he looks ALL boy to me (but yes...a very pretty one indeed). The lyrics gave me chills...I can only imagine the melody is as precious. You surely do have beauty and the (gentle) beast on your hands...Lovely!