Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God uses the broken

I suppose if I were God and had almighty cosmic powers, I might want a bit of a challenge. Perhaps this is why God uses broken people to accomplish his will. Perhaps it would be too easy for him to use the good or the perfect. But God doesn't just use the broken, it seems he favors them:

Abraham and his broken marriage,
Jacob and his broken hip,
Moses and his broken tablets,
Gideon and his broken pots,
Samson and his broken pride,
David and his broken heart,
Peter and his broken loyalty,
Jesus and his broken will.

Sometimes in life we make choices that we think we can never recover from. Sometimes uncontrollable circumstances wreck our lives beyond recognition. And yet, we have hope that cannot be wrecked, because God uses the broken.

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Joel Young said...

Can't tell you how timely it was for me to read this. I feel like I'm at a time in life when I'm more broken than ever, and I'm finally becoming okay with that. Thanks for the encouragement bro.