Monday, May 10, 2010

a boy & his bath-LOVE

Since Judah has been mobile (crawling on a 8 cylinders, I might add). I find him over and over again just like this:
Staring longingly into the bathtub. I find him many, many, many times a day right here, waiting. How adorable!

Oh, and I did catch a pic where you can clearly see all FOUR of his teeth! My boy is getting way too big, way too fast!


pkgormong said...

He is so big and grown up!!!!

j said...

Look at all those teeth! My oh my!!!He is getting too big too fast. Little Lion Cub is turning into King of the forest! What a little ham. Hope that active boy continues to love baths cuz at his rate, he'll be all over the place enjoying all things boy (which always requires a good washin' after!)

Loved your Mother's Day sentiments exactly. Loved how you so articulately put words to the feelings of your heart. It was lovely.

Haven't gotten a chance to listen to this new artist you've posted...but looking forward to doing that. I'm not married to a musician, but I am a lover of music and deeply appreciate the songwriter's heart, vulnerability and honesty that is so artistically conveyed through their music. Hadn't heard of that I am excited to take a listen when I don't have little ones at my feet.

grandma jackie said...

I love the picof him saring into the tub . soo cute,and MOM give that boy a bath! never ceases to amaze me how teeth change a babys looks.:) Adorable.give those bavies hugs and kisses from grandma.