Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Life gives you a WEEK of Stormclouds & Rain

Put on some galoshes & go jump in the puddles.
Or put on your mommy's galoshes and laugh hysterically as you stumble and fall trying to walk about.
And finish off each evening with a warm, sudsy bath & snuggle time with those you love.
There is a time for everything.
And a season for every activity
Under Heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


beckyjomama said...

Love those snuggly bath time feet! So sweet!

j said...

that girl just makes me smile! so much personality wrapped up into such a tiny little sweet thing! her facial expressions are priceless...i loved the look on her face in your mother's day defined JOY and just melted my heart! glad to see you soaking in the rainy days and sweet memories...this certainly is the TIME to do so. bless you!

(and why is it that that seems to be such a natural mother daughter pose? especially when in fancy shoes? we have a few mommy-daughter shots like that in our home too...but with high heels. lovin' myself some girly-girls!) :)