Monday, May 3, 2010

There was nothing special about today

And yet everything seemed special.

From an apron'd Isabelle Rolling dough,
A sweaty husband ab-ripper x-ing,
A melt-your-heart sweet Judah wrinkling his nose & dancing to the music.
I had several moments-
moments that I just stopped in disbelief.
So many blessings in such concentration.
I stared at Judah's teeny feet bobbing to the beat as he nursed.
Watched Isabelle pose for her dance pictures.
Breathed in the May beauty &
Sang along with Shane & Shane to Jesus.
Today was so busy, trying to unpack
And catch up from over a week absence.
Piles of laundry remain,
but even so, there was so much life lived in such an ordinary day.
Sidewalk art by all.
Judah even grabbed a dirt-clod snack.
And a bit of Daddy-Flesh.
Watch out, he sucks hard & bites even harder.
Ask Grandma Jackie's arm.
God's love for us is so simple, yet so vast how can we comprehend?
I think I begin to understand by the way my heart beats for my children.
But I think that is only a speck in the universe of his heart for us.
He has colored my world with His love & His gifts.
How foolish of me to waste my days worrying & fretting & giving my Pearls of Joy to the Pig who seeks only to steal, kill, & destroy.
I have everything I need in Jesus.
I have more than I deserve in His love for me.
In the treasures he has placed in my care.

May I love them well, Father.
Help me to die to myself so that your Life may abound in me.


beckyjomama said...

The heart of Erica Kirk = Beauty

j said...

Sounds like you are loving them well Erica...and finding joy in the ordinary. Always refreshing to hear your heart and to be reminded to slow down and appreciate the moments in life that are simple blessings we often take for granted. I am so quick to get caught up in the hustle and bustle that I need these reminders regularly. Thank you! Laundry can always doens't go anywhere! But those babies grow too quickly and that family time is all too precious. I love Spring! Such a time of renewal...reminders everywhere of God's goodness (like in yesterday's sunset). Enjoy your day!

(love the new picture header too!)