Sunday, May 9, 2010

This mother's day I am feeling so incredibly blessed to be entrusted with such precious lives to nurture.
And what a beautiful time I have doing it!
I love having a cowgirl princess to wake up to each morning.

And listen in to her adventures as they wind through the stories of our life.

And I love to wipe away the tears from the tiny cowboy who gets a kick in the head from a careless horse.
Embracing wet snuggles as he leans in for comfort.
Today we celebrate mothers.
And I have two very special mothers for whom I am eternally grateful.
But in the quiet moments of this afternoon,
my heart is drawn to celebrate the God who saw fit to show me his love through the journey of motherhood.
To teach me through my hearts unwavering affection for my children
that indeed, I am loved this way and more by Him.
(In my heart of hearts, I often struggle to really believe I am loved by the Father apart from what I do)

I never really understood what God meant when he said that he has loved us as sons and daughters.
Until now.
What a glorious love His is.
My God & My Father,
May my heart mirror the riches of your love to my children always,

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mom kirk said...

love the pics. agree it is easier to understand gods love for us once we have children of our you