Saturday, February 14, 2009

9 Reasons My Wife/Husband Rocks

In honor of our 9th Valentine's day together, here's 9 reasons why my wife rocks:

9. She's B-E-A-U-tiful
8. She works hard (Prov. 31)
7. She plays hard (wink, wink)
6. She makes amazing babies!
5. She can hold her own in ping-pong (she's even beat me a few times)
4. She lets me rent "shoot-em-up"* guy movies and rarely demands a chick-flick in return (*shoot-em-up is a term coined by Jackie Kirk describing an Action/Adventure movie, usually rated R for violence)
3. She encourages me to pursue my passions (including purchasing my beautiful Breedlove Pro Series guitar)
2. She is an outstanding [blow-your-mind] cook
1. She loves God [and me!]

My Wife Rocks!

And for your additional Valentine's Day pleasure, here are 9 reasons why

9. He shares my enthusiasm for old things and yard sales. Infact, he gets upset if I go yard-sale-ing without him.
8. The man is just plain handsome (I was scared to death of him when we first started dating because I had never seen anyone so...gorgeous).
7. Have you heard the songs he writes?! Oh, yeah, and the few that are for me...melt my heart!
6. I've never known a man so darn multi-talented - sports, music, poetry, academia, speaking.
5. During a touching moment in a book or movie, you can guarantee he's sobbing right along with me.
4. (and so he doesn't kill me for #5)...he's so very strong and masculine! He always carries the heavy bags, takes great pleasure in getting lids off for me, and can fix the broken things around the house.
3. He can seriously shred. I get tickled at church when he rips out a raging guitar solo and people nearly fall out of their seats because they had him pegged as an acoustic strumming softy!
2. He is the best daddy to my baby I could ever ask for. He lets her paint his nails, plays princess with her, and takes her on daddy/Belle dates when I'm working.
1. okay, I'm going to cheat & have two #1's because he just rocks that much.
He promised me on our wedding day to honor me with his every thought, action, and word. And he does. He makes it a priority to honor me & if he falls short, his integrity demands he confess and seek forgivenss. Now that is a what I call a man.
1. He loves Jesus more than anything in this world. His one goal in life is that Christ may be glorified and that he may be instrumental in seeing people "come alive to God" the way his heart has.

You rock, baby!

Happy Valentines Day!


beckyjomama said...

This just makes me happy!!!

beckyjomama said...

OK, call me slow, I just noticed the shirts and I WANT ONE!!!!!!!