Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Belle has been doing the cutest thing lately, but I never have the camera handy to catch it...tonight I did!

Whenever she hears music, she bobs her head to the beat and kinda mumbles along like she's really into it. Reminds me of Aron. The stronger the beat or harder the music, the bob becomes more of a headbang. Tonight Aron was attempting to rap just like Matt on the "Give Me Your Eyes" video. Belle was feeling it. She tried rapping herself, and she did at least as good as daddy! Aron was cracking up at himself listening to the video..."Yeah, there's a reason I'm not a rapper!" he said.

much love



beckyjomama said...

That girl just makes me smile!!!

*kim said...

This was too cute. :) Loved the post with the baby's heartbeat, too! HOORAY!!!

Dave and I still quote "oh the poo!" sometimes. Come visit when you can! We love you!

j said...

You have a little "fly girl" on your hands! That is too cute. Looks like a sign that there will be some musical gift in her future.

Amber said...

She's so cute!