Thursday, February 19, 2009

quick randomness

1. I am so desperate for spring I could not take one more day of that snowy scene - adios snowflakes!

2. My jeans are way tighter than I am comfortable with this week.

3. I am too stubborn to buy more knowing they too won't fit soon.

4. Hence, I am very thankful for leggings being "in" during this pregnancy.

5. I am also very thankful for the prayers and encouragement on my behalf. Like I said, healing often hurts...but its a good hurt. A cleansing hurt. God's mercies are new everyday. Thank you for helping to bring healing by your kind words.



beckyjomama said...

I cannot wait to see your sweet belly grow! I'm all for spring, just hold off on the summer ...

j said...

I'm feeling you on many levels...
~winter d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g
~desperation for spring!
~jeans too tight
~being too stubborn to buy more

(but i can't get away with leggings...those are meant for long lean legs- like yours!)

Glad your feeling the Master Physician's salve on your wounds! Indeed His mercies are new each day.

Amber said...

I hope Belle isn't still sick. I think this is the longest you guys have gone without a post. I hope all is well up there!

P.S. Aric said you aren't allowed to leave anymore comments since you told me to have another baby... :)