Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"You have stolen my heart..." (yes, a great Dashboard song, but also a great title for today's post).

We are in love - the three of us together with who you are, precious baby! Isabelle could not wait to go to the doctor today. She wanted to meet you, "baby bruder". I told her we can't see you yet, but we will hear your sweet heart beating.

In the video the midwife says regarding the heartbeat, "Man, that's nice and strong." Aron was quite proud, and on the way out commented, "Yeah, that baby's heartbeat was much slower than I remember Belle's being. It sounded like a boy's heart. A strong boy, like his daddy." We'll see about that. I was just grateful to hear it.

Turns out I am 11 weeks today.

Precious baby is swallowing and swimming already. There are nails on those tiny fingers on baby's little 1 1/2 inch long body. Can you even imagine? The details blow my mind. My cousin, Kim, sent me an email saying, " 'From the mouths of children and infants come praise ordained by God.' Your little babe is praising God with his/her every little heartbeat. That is so awesome!" And that is exactly what I felt when I heard that little swoosh swoosh. What a miracle God has allowed us to participate in. I feel so humbled to be given the opportunity to carry this child.



j said...

Oh...I just love that sweet swooshing sound of life! I can't stop smiling! I also love what your cousin Kim had to say...I'm going to have to write that down and treasure it up.

I'm just so happy for you and your growing family. Yeah! There are certainly hearts being stolen...Pure joy!

Woollard House said...

Sweet, I agree with Aron. Its definatley a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woollard House said...

That last comment was from me Eli.

beckyjomama said...

Sweet Baby Kirk, do you have any idea how muc you are loved already!!!

Kelli said...

Both Nate & Max's heartbeats were slower than Kaylee's so I'm with Aron on the boy thing!

So are you farther along than you thought? What is your official due date?