Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love technology - sometimes!

Today, I do.
My OB-GYN (in a hospital world, pronouce it "obee-jenn" so as not to say every you're in the 'know')...anyway, my obgyn's office is now 5 star in my eyes.

I get on their website, put in my username and password, and voila: instant access to all of my labwork, all of my reports, all of my appointments. From a nurse's perspective, this is awesome! I have the same access to my chart that my doc has - no waiting to hear from them. I can just look myself!

For instance, today I saw that my beta HCG level is 134729. The normal being less than 5, I am definately prego. I also saw I am slightly anemic (which I often am), but now I can start 'beefing' up on my red meats - so to speak. And my blood type is O positive - somehow I never knew this. This may mean nothing to you, but its pretty cool to me!

okay, dorky healthcare rave over.
much love


Amber said...

That is really cool. I am very interested in blood type stuff. I think it's the Chinese culture...maybe Japanese, they tell you personality types based on your blood type. Google it if you're ever bored.

beckyjomama said...

I love you and your dorky self!!!

j said...

It's so important to connect with and love your OB-GYN...this is an important time in your life!

Glad you are feeling better these days. That video you shared a few days ago was amazing (just got a chance to watch it).

I also agree with Barby "where are you hiding a 12 week lemon inside of you?" :) Little Miss Tiny! You are going to be the cutest pregnant thing ever!