Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset...I've always hated that song, but it feels appropriate today

We have worked all day rearranging, cleaning, painting...trying to get ready for baby. We finally cleaned all of our files off of the PC and restored Old Faithful Dell back to the factory settings. We'd love to keep her, but there is NO ROOM in this inn. 

In fact, Aron started getting sentimental as he was packing her up. He reminisced about the Christmas he received the computer, and how excited he was that his mom had ordered the upgraded sound card so he could record. "Its special, Hun...I'm feeling sad to let it go," he told me. I told him I knew how he felt...I felt the same way when it was time to sell the Tib a few weeks ago. 

I don't think its the things themselves that we're sad to part with, but the sentiment behind it. My parents bought the Tib for me as an enormous graduation gift for being Valedictorian (a naive promise they made when I was in elementary!) Aron's parents bought the computer for him and took extra care to get just what he would need, and he remembered his mom's excitement as she told him all about it. But alas, chapters of our life now only a memory must close in order for new ones to begin. Parting with these 'things' just make it more real.

I need a bigger car for TWO babies...we need more room in our condo, so the desktop & the desk it sits on have to go. Its stupid, but we are sappy & sentimental.

On a funny note...we had NO clue what to do with the Dell, and we hated to see it go to waste. We were able to sell the Tib on Craigslist for exactly what we were asking, so we thought we'd try to list the Dell on the 'Free' section hoping someone would have a good home for her. A few hours after listing the computer, I checked my email...forgetting about the listing. I looked at my inbox, which read ' 284 new messages'....and was instantly ticked thinking someone had sold our address and we'd gotten slammed with spam. No, they were definitely all in response to the post requesting our free Dell Desktop. 

So now I'm trying to figure out how to decide who gets our black beauty. Retarded as it seems, I'm sorting through the emails looking for someone who seems like they'd really appreciate her and take good care of her. 
enough sentiment for tonight...


grandma Jackie said...

I know its difficult sometimes to make transitions kind of bittersweet.hold close the memories and gift of receiving and let go the "things" you no longer can use as you make room for another little gift that will provide you with a lifetime of ,love and memories to cherish. can't wait to get ahold of that little one . grandmas starting to get just a little excited and anxious to see the little one.

Kelli said...

I know a certain homeschooled 13 year old that would love to have her own computer.