Thursday, July 9, 2009

vacation moments - Part 2

Watching 4th of July Fireworks on Rankin Hill - with the stunning view, great company, and homemade ice cream - is pretty much the highlight of our summer.

The 4th was a washout this year, but thankfully the festivities were rescheduled for the 5th...and what a gorgeous evening God gave us.Here are a few moments from the night:

eli quinton, our nephew. we've forbidden him from getting any older while we're away.

chloe and grace - nieces from both sides of the family - as they overlook the sunset.
all kinds of cousins reuniting...

aron's daddy & uncle raybrotherly love..."true love", if you will.

stealing kisses at dusk
aron's bro ben and our nephew, samuel.
grandma steals a kiss from samuel & carissa

my mom & her festive fourth of july cast!

a handsome crew of kirk men
the fireworks are getting closer...its almost dark!
great friends, clint & lindsey, who joined us on the hill once again this year.
my sister, elizabeth. this was her first year...unfortunately, she missed the ice cream.time to bust out the sparklers!
aron lighting sparklers for more than a half hour. the kids didn't get the concept of lighting each other's!poor belle was running 103 degree fever all day. we brought her along anyway (with tylenol & ibuprofen on board). she felt puny, but bless her heart, she tried to enjoy herself anyway.

mama & her girl
pretty much the perfect way to end our vacation at home.


beckyjomama said...

and, again, GREAT pictures!

Kelly said...

A very beautiful place, I see why you love it so much. Love the pics of Belle with Aron's sister's daughter, I forgot her name at this moment. Been praying for that baby. Hope the US goes well tomorrow.