Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vacation Moments - Part 1

Belle was sooo looking forward to spending time with Chloe this vacation...so we made sure they got to see each other as much as we could.
It doesn't matter what these two cousins get into...as long as they're doing it together, they're having a blast. They especially love Papaw Paul to push them on the swing.And I could really say the same thing for these two cousins as well...it doesn't matter what Aron & Josh get into, as long as they're doing it together, they have a memorable experience. This trip the boys loaded up Josh's jeep and canoed down Eagle Creek to the Ohio River.We didn't have a lot on the vacation agenda, but we knew we wanted to catch a Cincinnati Red's baseball game. We had a beautiful view of the Ohio River from our seats along the 3rd base line.And great company as well. My sister, Elizabeth, Josh, and Chloe accompanied us. My parents and Aunt & Uncle came too.
The talented Josh Young & lovely wife, Marie, also joined us for a night of stadium fun.Silly Josh! Don't make fun of your wife when there's a camera present.

An impressive post game Fireworks show in celebration of the 4th of July followed. Belle absolutely loved this.


beckyjomama said...

Because I love you, I will try not to be jealous of the fact that YOUR camera allowed you to get great pics of firewirks ... OUR camera however, fizzled faster than the drifting embers ... BOO!

So happy that you had a great time ... cannot wait to hear more!

Josh Young said...

Thanks for posting that beautiful picture of me... :)