Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2 things of immense beauty to me this week:

Yesterday while cleaning the kids' room, I was listening to my best-ever Pandora mix (Aron even agrees...which is huge; ask me about it and I'll let you in on the musical magic). Judah was tugging at my leg, begging me to pick him up. When I finally did, he wrapped his left arm around my neck, and with his right hand feverishly reached for my free hand to hold it. In rhythm with the music, he swayed and said, "Dance. Dance!" My little prince asked me to dance for the first time. It was a magical moment for this mama.

"The Gates of Heaven"

Isabelle Rose
Watercolor & pastel



Jenni said...

Love BOTH. Thanks for sharing! :)

j said...

goose bumps and glory bumps! indeed immensely beautiful. touches the core of even this mommy's heart.

tastes of heaven...i can't stop smiling.

20lbsby2years said...

What precious moments and memories! Ok do tell about this wonderful music station...

beckyjomama said...

LOVE! This melted MY heart ... I cannot imagine what it did to yours. Love you Friend.

Cam and Elisa said...

How sweet. Thanks for sharing! I wanna hear about the awesome Pandora mix too!
Thanks for being such a great example of a family who cherishes the special moments in life!