Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Imaginations alive, smiles blazing.
We will not succumb to cabin fever.

Gotta love a good firefighten' farmer.
That's how it is where we come from...
no fire departments but the volunteer ones, so all the farmers serve as firefighters too. It must be in his blood!

Check out the fierceness on that face! She is in serious warrior mode!

And while it may look like the sword is suspended in mid air...or held by a ghostman, Aron actually just knocked it flying out of Judah's hand!

Double team the black knight!

Little bears playing in their cave...

Roasting mini-marshmallows around a fire
*(fire consisting of a small led light in a tiny pot!)

Our knight in shining armor.

Off to battle!

We hope your hearts are alive and your spirits are warm through the lows and blows of winter.
All our love!


j said...

Coming form a small town, I "get" the whole farmer/fireman thing. My hometown was (is) strictly run on volunteer basis.

I'm cracking up that both Judah and Aron's lips look cherry red in those black and white shots! Too funny!

Especially like the "double team" shot of the kids in their diapers/undies. You'll look back on that photo some day and say, "those were the good ol' days!"


j said...

from (I can't spell worth anything these days!)

grandma jackie said...

thanks for sharing.reminds me of "the good ole days":) love you