Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Story Short

Erica, Isabelle, and Judah are on the upswing of an upper respiratory infection characterized by a stubborn fever unyielding to the authority of stacked tylenol and ibuprofen. Said outlaw infection (the flu, I suspect) steamrolled us for nearly a week.

Aron contracted this evil bug, and his fever started day #1 of recording in Ohio.

We returned to Michi Monday after leaving Sunday afternoon.

Aron has been quite sick at home today, and Dr. Belle presented her daddy with a card, wrapped in tissue paper, that she had made completely on her own. I had never even seen it before.
It reads,
Aron read it aloud. Belle corrected,
"It says, 'Front?'" she said in a high pitched questioning way.
"FRONT!" she said excitedly.
"Front." she matter-of-factly explained.

Inside a picture of the world and the sun and moon, day and night, she explained.
"D End".

Lots of healing going on over here.
But who says we can't try to smile while we're doing it.
At least the kids and I can as we are on the upswing. Poor Aron has a long few days ahead of him if goes the course of Judah and I.


mom kirk said...

i love the card,that girl is so smart!you guysare truly blessed with 2 great children. makes me happy to see you smiling?LOL.was so thankful to get tosee you even if it was for only a little while.

j said...

I was SO praying against this happening! Sorry to hear about the change of plans. Will Aron be able to record another time soon? I'm disappointed for you all. (and for myself...I was hoping for a recorded song or two to be entered into the EACH thingy). Still possible?

E- Missed you at Inside Out and Bible Study. I hope you are all recovering well. Love Isabelle's drawing for her daddy. She has grown up right in front of our eyes...And at such a tender age you can already see she has generously inherited some of her parents' smarts and creativity! Darling! And that's all I have to say.....D Enu!