Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Rose

Belle brought home this photo in a homemade frame from her Bible class at church:

It makes me smile.
A tears-well-up-in-my-eyes, heart-swelling kind of smile.
She LOVES going to church. And she has been memorizing her Bible verses each week, happily reciting them to us proud peacocks.

She is growing so big, becoming so articulate.
Yesterday, Aron and I sat cross legged on the floor, playing Candy Land with our girl. Belle, inching closer to the Candy Palace, completely sincere, sweetly said,
"Oh, I'm ever so close!"

I'm cherishing these days - counting them down before I have to share her with Public School.
Where have 4 years gone?

A bit sappy tonight.


j said...

I can imagine those sweet words coming out of her little lips...sounding much like her sweet mommy. And in none other than a game of Candyland, that is simply delicious!

I have so enjoyed watching her blossom and grow. She is a special little girl, that Belle!

Kelly said...

Uh Oh, that mean school. Don't think about it yet, there will be time for tears later. Very cute picture of her.