Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Miscellaneous Moments

For every moment I caught, there were five I didn't.
Like our slumber party with Eli, Luke, & Grace.
Or Isabelle, Chloe, & Samuel 'taking a shower'.
Or Farckling it up with my family.
Or our noodle making tutorial at Josh & Kim's.

I did, however, get on film a cute little scene.
Notice Belle handing Judah one of Grandma's famous butter cookies.

Notice Wyatt Dan - eyes fixed on said famous butter cookie.
And notice him emerge victorious - a clean sweep from the unexpecting Judah.
No worries, though. Judah knows food is one of Wyatt's love languages (just like cousin Isaiah!), and was happy to make Wyatt feel loved. That and sissy quickly supplied Judah with a new cookie. Love these babies!!
We got to spend a whole day with Isaiah, soaking in his cuteness! Who can resist a man in stripes & an apron?!

I also happened to capture another precious moment:

Each day the boys would disappear at some point...down to the basement for another match of ping-pong. It was love a first serve for Judah. All week long he begged for someone, anyone to take him downstairs to "pall pall".

The men were gracious to their little "helper", and allowed him to get right in the middle of their games.
He thought he was BIG stuff!
"Perhaps a different paddle will improve my game?!"
And finally, a late night sword fight with Aunty Issa. She allowed Judah to beat the tar out of her with the very sword she bought him. Even chased him around the house after donating a pint of blood. Now that's love!

until tomorrow,

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pkgormong said...

I love Judah playing ping pong:) haha!!!