Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow Wonderful

Capturing BIG important moments...like Christmas, New Year's, ect - well, that's been more difficult (nearly impossible) with Judah in his current season of 'must cling to mommy at all times'. I tell Aron, "It's a blessing and a curse to be loved this much!" I kid, but really. Its a blessing and a curse.

However, I did manage to find a rare instance with my hands free of that 20 lbs of blond sweetness and capture a few moments over our week long retreat to The Shire. I'll share them in a series of mini-posts...snippets, if you will, of a few of the highlights.

We arrived to snow kissed hills and temperatures which hovered just below freezing. Perfect weather for the wee ones to get out & enjoy the wonderland.

Judah played inside with Isaiah and Aunt Kara while we snuck outside for a little playtime of our own. But I do have some great shots of him day 2 (stay tuned!).

Belle & her Prince.

Ma & Pa enjoying themselves. Yes, Jackie did risk her life and board a sled with the infamous 'Rib Breaker'. She's brave.

Isabelle Rose loving every minute.

Aron & Belle with the tandem sled approach.

Grandma wasn't so sure about Aron's tandem sled idea. I completely understand.

DP attempting to set the record for furthest distance.

See that little snowball in Belle's hand. Her daddy is putting her up to ambushing me.

Free Rides are the best. And when you weigh in at 28.5 lbs, you're barely noticed.


angel? It looks as though God were shining a spotlight on Aron. Perhaps it was to alert me they had a sled full of snowballs, with less than noble intentions.

More to come,


beckyjomama said...

That Aron is so sneaky!!! Looks like you had a ball - I was praying that your heart would be filled and refreshed. You are a treasure in my life sweet girl and I know how you miss "home" but I hope that you know you are so very loved here!!

j said...

How fun! Love the "Rib Breaker" shot (and name!) of Ma and Pa...And that last photo with the sunbeam hitting Aron is really cool! So glad to hear you had such a great retreat with family. The snow looks beautiful...I was loving the big fluffy flakes we received this morning. Berlyn and I were catching them with our tongues. So serene.