Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Beloved

You took me by surprise.
Your romancing, Your Breath of Life -
Which awakens the heart.
And suddenly, I remember what it is to Live.

Somewhere between the immediate and my inadequacies,
Your majesty, Your beauty slipped behind the clouds.
You were hidden from my view,
Though I was never out of Your sight.

You saw my eyes growing accustomed to the grey.
And without my even asking,
You Burst forth in color and texture -
Showering me in rainbows of Your love.

A glimpse of Your story, a whisper of Your plans.
A shadow of your Beauty, and I melt in Your arms.
My heart swells at the mention of Your name -
And to think - The Great I Am
Sees all that i am,
All that we are,
And calls us

Beloved changes everything.
Your whispers call forth the dead.
The shriveled and the lifeless arise to meet you -
The shattered and the torn become whole in your presence.
Oh, Great Breath of Life,
You are making all things new.
And you begin in me.

All. Things. New.

1 comment:

j said...

Refreshing! Much of what you write echoes true in my heart...the unexpected bursts of His presence, His character and His love...the swelling of the heart and the wholeness found in Him. The maker of all things new is ours for keeps! Yay for new beginnings! Amen to His persistence and pursuit!