Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's Eve - The Pre-Party

Aron and I had the chance to sneak away on New Year's Eve before the celebrations began. We waffled on whether to take the opportunity to get a few moments away without the kids or to rest in the comfort of the Kirk home. Aron's daddy had the brilliant idea that we should take the ferry over to Augusta, Kentucky, and grab a bite to eat, while enjoying the quaint town on such a beautiful day. We were sold.

Ohio, Kentucky and the love in between.

This goofy girl couldn't keep the hair out of her eyes or her eyes open for a decent picture.

Strolling the riverside streets of Augusta.

There were cafes and antique stores aplenty. This heart was happy!

We had lunch at Bravo Cafe. And we were the only customers.

The ride home to the banks of Ohio. The sun setting on a very blessed 2010.

Grateful. Humbled. Inspired anew.

Happy New Year!


Kelly said...

Looks like a day in heaven for you E, glad you got to experience it. Cute little cafe, love those kinds.

beckyjomama said...

Y'all are just too stinkin cute. That is all. What a treat for a day for just the two of you. Blessings indeed.

j said...

Sounds like a prefect day (right up my alley...from the water, to the cafe, to the quaint downtown, antiques and shops all digested with the one you love). Simply splendid! Happy New Year!

j said...

(PER-fect! ) oops!

Kimberly Kirk said...

Erica-that is where Josh and I went to eat when we went to Augusta a few months ago! Ha. It was delicious.