Sunday, January 9, 2011

With Expectation

An unexpected gift: a warming, a reprieve before the months of bone chilling cold clench their grasp on our world.

65 degrees of glorious sunshine never felt so amazing.

It was almost ironic as our half clothed boy grabbed melting globs of snow and tossed them about.

So alive in the sun's warmth, so exhilarated to feel the wind in his face.

I couldn't convince him to come inside. No way, now how. It wasn't happening.

"I'll stand here at the door and watch you all from outside."

Now Judah walks to the window and just points, begging to go outside. Little does he understand single digit temps and biting winds are not kind to little fingers and toes. Spring is coming, sweet boy. Until then, we'll rest in the pace of the season of slumber. When the all the earth sleeps beneath blankets of lace, waiting. We'll chose to embrace the lessons of this season, inhale the beauty of stillness, togetherness. And wait with expectation for the awakening.

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