Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6 weeks

I have always been fascinated by the wonder of pregnancy. I love studying the developing fetus. All of those discovery health shows that show into the womb...oh yeah, I suck that stuff up! In fact, during my OB clinicals, I cried over every newborn I saw. Its just so ..... miraculous.

The first weeks of pregnancy seem to pass soooo slowly. You feel sick & bloated & tired, and you have nothing to show for it. But man, is there a miracle going on on in the inside. So I thought I'd chronicle it with you.

Well baby Kirk is about 6 weeks old. Baby is about 1/4 inch long...the size of a small bean. But even at this minute size, baby's heart is beating and functioning...beginning to pump blood through its tiny body. Here is a picture of the average fetus at six weeks.

Sweet baby, we dream of knowing you already.


Linda said...

Erika I am so happy for you both!


Linda Carr

beckyjomama said...

This is sooooooo cool - I hope you plan on doing this all the way through, cause it fascinates me too!!! Having been able to be in the room when Sophie was born and for all of the ultrasounds (there were many) and heartbeats, etc ... is one of the biggest blessings in my life. I will always be so very thankfu to her birth mom for that!

j said...

Isn't it fascinating? I keep reading and re-reading all of my books--looking back on notes I wrote during my pregnancies with Brayden and Brooke. It is truly a miracle...and I could never tire of the wonder. So much is happening at this smallest stage....many more months left to dream, wonder and bask in the "awe" of it all.

Week 7 is a big one, growth doubles I believe!

Take care!

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pkgormong said...


LOVE that you are going to have another baby! Love, Kara
p.s. LOVED your Christmas card!