Thursday, January 29, 2009

life with a 2 year old

Belle and I hopped in the car tonight to run some errands. As I was strapping her in her seat, she exclaimed, "We go see papaw and mamaw?!?!"
I tried to let her down easy, "No, not right now. We've got to run some errands."
"I go see mamaw and papaw!! I go see mamaw and papaw!! "Then she thought for a second, "Can we run in Target?"...verbatim.

Then as we were driving around, I explained, "Okay, we're off to Toys R Us to make a return."
She replied, "Yaaaay! Lets get some toys for Samuel and my baby sisssster."
This warmed my heart.

And a few silly picts from this Isabelle "Charlie Chaplan" Kirk
She scooted herself around in her babydoll stroller all over the house.And I kept catching her "sleeping" in her antique baby doll crib given to her by Great Grandma Kirk (which she knows she isn't allowed to play in!)
I also caught her painting her lips with fingernail polish...give me a heart attack!!
But she redeemed herself because she was a very, very big helper when it was time to clean up for the night, and she even put everything in its proper place - a very smart 2 year old!


beckyjomama said...

Runnin' to Target .. she is a girl after my own heart!!! But I think I would have DIED over the nail polis thing ... good thing her mama is a nurse and all!

Kelli said...

Ah yes, a 2 year old that understands the appeal of Target. I'm so with ya Belle!