Sunday, January 11, 2009

christmas - the final installment

We started the morning off just as you should - with a hearty breakfast at none other.... than Cracker Barrell, of course.Josh & Kim met us for breakfast as well.Then off to the Newport Aquariam we went!We met my parents and Chloe there as well

What an adventure we had. Grace & the Jellyfish...

Dad & a lovely little bird eating out of his hand.
Aron & the shark

Luke looks to be shark bait.

The creatures were flocking to him!

Eli & the mightly python

Belle loved feeding the bird - until it bit her finger!

Girls just wanna have fun...and they sure did!



Amber said...

I love seeing family pics on your blog. I emailed Kara and told her that I felt warm and fuzzy after getting to see her pic. Thanks for posting them!

Kelli said...

Everytime I go to Cincinnati I want to go to the Newport Aquarium- but I never have time. It looks like lots of fun. What a great family memory.

beckyjomama said...

I am a little freaked out by the bird (my biggest fear!), but other than that loved the pics!!

Stop by our blog to see a cute shot of Belle and Sophie together.

Loves ya!