Monday, January 19, 2009

Awkward Movie Moments, Divine Intervention, and the Lord's Discipline

You know that feeling when you rent an "if-y" movie and then you watch it with your parents, only to be completely embarrassed when your shoddy movie qualms are realized? You reside somewhere between 2 worlds of inner turmoil--the world of IKISHRTO (I Knew I Shouldn't Have Rented This One) and the world of NIRUBAEIWCTIOWBRUASEWISIGISHADN (Now I'm Really Uncomfortable But Asking Everyone If We Could Turn It Off Will Be Really Uncomfortable And Since Either Way I'm Screwed I Guess I'll Sit Here And Do Nothing) . Yeah, you know that feeling? Well, I experienced that this past weekend when the in-laws were visiting.

About twenty minutes into our shoddy film I was enveloped deep between the worlds of IKISHRTO and NIRUBAEIWCTIOWBRUASEWISIGISHADN when all of a sudden, God's mercy showed it's face: the DVD started skipping like a school girl. I of course went for the courtesy cleaning (so as to avoid being near the world of NIRUBA [for short]), but all attempts to continue viewing were foiled.

As God's Grace incarnate saved me from the world of IKISHRTO, I couldn't help but think of Proverbs 3:12 which says "the Lord disciplines those he loves." Instead of watching the entire movie and regretting it, the inconvenience of a skippy DVD became Mercy manifested.


Kelli said...

I still remember when my parents invited our new neighbors (who happened to be the pastor and his wife at a local baptist church we didn't attend) over to watch a movie. I don't know why my parents chose "Tootsie" (yeah- look it up) but some divine intervention would have been nice.

j said...

That is awesome! Love your acronyms. Thank you Jesus for your divine intervention (even in the simplest ways when responding to a heart that cries IKISHRTO!). With Him ALL things are possible. Too cute...had me laughing!