Saturday, January 10, 2009

pretty much a perfect saturday

slept in.
ate fluffy pancakes.
played in the snow.
sipped hot cocoa.
snow keeps on falling...its already covered all of our tracks from this morning.
going to the store to get the fixings for tacos and a movie!
does it get any better, i ask you?time to make a snowman

you've probably heard of frosty the snowman. well this is his shorter, more portly brother, frumpy. kinda like in the movie, "Twins" with Arnold Schwartzenager and Danny Devito.
belle loves frumpy. however, she is worried about frumpy now that all the new snow is burying him.


Kelli said...

fumpy! LOL!! I hope he makes it through the night.

pkgormong said...

haha! We are so jealous of your snow! enjoy it! oh and look at the cute pregnant mom pulling that sled!:) Love, Kara

beckyjomama said...

Awww, fun day - thanks to the lake effect it was too cold to play here ... :(

j said...

She looks so grown up in these pictures...I didn't recognize her at first in the very first photo.

Looks like a pretty perfect day to me (especially if there was no need to put any little ones in the corner :) Can't get much better than that.

(adorable snowman too)