Saturday, January 31, 2009


Kelli and the Dexter crew invited us along to the Mt. Clemens Ice Carving Show.And what a jewel this town is! Its got a college town feel with art stores and music venues at every corner. Top it off with a river running right through the middle of the town - oh yeah, we'll be spending more time here!The ice carvers lined the streets - they used chain saws and sanders and tools we'd never seen before. And the end creations were pretty marvelous!
It was BITTER we decked in a few shops to warm up and sip some hot cocoa.
And one last photo - Aron insisted we get a picture of this fireman for his cousin Josh. So Josh, if you read this post, this one's for you, man.
We were nearly ice sculptures ourselves by the time we left, so we headed over to the Dexters' place for chilli and warm cookies...umm.


beckyjomama said...

Kelli posted about this too - sounds like y'all had a blast! 'Cept the way too cold stuff ...

And what were ya thinkin stickin your tongues to an ice sculpture? Do you not know it'll stick? Have ya not see Christmas Story? Sheesh!

Kelli said...

So glad you guys could join us even though it was way too cold!

j said...

Love that first pic with your tongues sticking out...Classic!