Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 7

Baby Kirk has doubled in size since last week - now a whopping 1/2 inch long, or the size of a blueberry! Hands and feet are emerging from arms & legs, but look more like paddles at this point.

As far as momma goes - I have 10% more blood volume than a month ago, and my (earmuffs for the boys) *uterus has doubled in size - which accounts for the constant trips to the restroom* (remove earmuffs). I have been absolutely exhausted with working 3 12 hr shifts a week. And the nausea has intensified. I am mourning the fact that coffee is now officially repulsive to me (this happened with Belle as well!). The smell is just too much. But all in all, we're hanging in there!

Big sissy has been talking to baby. This morning I asked her if she wanted to play with her toys with the new baby. "Yes, I play with our baby".
"Can the new baby sleep with you in your bed?"
"What should we name our baby?"
"Ummmm... Baby Butter."
"Baby Butter."
I figured out 15 minutes later she was most likely saying, "Baby Brother", but it was funny while it lasted!


beckyjomama said...

Oooohhh, I am already in love with little Butter!!! Can't wait to meet him or her!

j said...

Butter is cute...we have "Carrot" and "Pepper" as names for our little one. :)

j said...

P.S. And I am with you on the coffee thing. This is coming from one previous coffee L-O-V-E-R (3-4 cups a day sometimes)! Now, if lucky and on a good day, I am averaging a few sips to maybe a 1/2 cup- if my tummy can handle that. This is a first for me though (wasn't this way with Bray or Brooke). Not fun- but it helps eliminate my caffeine intake!

Take care and REST your little self when you can!

Kelli said...

I love the baby's new nickname! Baby Butter! It must be because I have more than one little one but I got the reference to Baby Brother right away. It's funny- Kaylee always wanted Nate to be a boy too. Even before we were expecting she always prayed for a little brother. She wanted things to be even. Of course when Max was born she was rooting for a girl but oh well! God knows what he's doing!

pkgormong said...

oh, I will be so sad if coffee is repulsive to me too! We are praying for you guys! We are so excited!! Love, Kara