Thursday, January 29, 2009


There is something about this season - when winter stretches on and you fear the cold will never lift.

I struggle.

It seems I have to fight my way through my days, and it feels as if the frozen air that surrounds me is creeping into my spirit, and I can feel myself icing over as the bleary days pass.

But God - oh, he is not content with this. He has created us to know Life and be filled with his warmth. This morning he thawed my insides and warmed my soul by awakening my thirst for him. I pray that you too may yearn for Him. That you may burn with a desire to know him. Its a little old school Shane & Shane (takes me back to the college days!)...but it is powerful!



beckyjomama said...

Love it ... love you!

j said...

Yearning for God is a great place to be. I fear the seasons when my hunger isn't ignited. One of my daily prayers is for a burning passion to know and love Jesus above all other things in my life!

Thanks for sharing your homest and beautiful heart.