Wednesday, January 28, 2009

9 weeks

Baby has been up to so much this week and is now the size of a grape...yay! All of baby's essential body parts are accounted for now - including a heart that is now developing into 4 chambers, fully formed eyes, and the start of little teeth! The placenta is now large enough to take over hormone production, and with baby's basic body systems intact, he/she is now ready for rapid growth.

I love this picture because you can actually visualize the little life right inside the belly...its not just a spec anymore! But we are having a hard time wrapping our minds around the fact that this is not just a picture but an actuality of what is going on inside of me! The process is so delicate - its almost frightening.

We're headed to the OB on Tuesday...more to come


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beckyjomama said...

Oh, Sweet Baby K. - you have earlobes now ... I cannot wait til you get here and I can nibble on them!!!!