Thursday, January 8, 2009

all in a day

he must surely love His little girl to allow her to paint his nailsand she surely admires her daddy, trying to dress just like him
and finally, one little girl standing in the corner...learning life lessons oh so young
I found it so adorable that the entire time she stood in the corner, she stood on her tipey-toes and didn't move a muscle. I even left the room and came back...and there she stood. I ran and grabbed the camera, and as I snapped the photo, with tears streaming down her face, Belle exclaimed, "NO mommy, no pickers (pictures)." *I hope it doesn't scar her that I'm taking pictures of her being was just too cute!
all in a day


beckyjomama said...

Uh Oh - the rebellion has begun ... welcome to two!

j said...

Awwwe...darling! Brookie paints daddy's nails sometimes too (and he paints hers)...I love to observe moments like those between father and daughter (priceless). Love the tiptoe picture. Little Belle is so precious.

Kelli said...

Awwww- I don't think you'll scar her for taking pictures. Its a really cute picture to show her someday.