Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh to make much of Him

Oh to make much of Him.
That is the cry of my heart.

Somewhere in my comings and my goings 
Nestled between rushed morning make-up
Dishwasher loading, diaper changing
feeding frenzy, laundry loading,
facebook friending, podcast preaching,

I lose sight.
My heart allegiance swerves
And subtly, my day becomes

Making much of me.

Oh the disgust at the thought,
What a heartbreaking conclusion
To such glorious potential.

The sin of all mankind - 
Of the deceiver, himself.

To claim for oneself the glory that belongs
To the One and Only.
To crown Self at the center of the universe.

I confess my daily idolatry.
My feeble attempts to validate my worth.
For prostituting the crown of my heart
for fleeting fulfillment and self-righteous gain.

Humbly I offer you your rightful place.
The center of my being.
Be the air that fills my lungs,
The blood that runs through my veins.

May every breath,
Every heartbeat,
Make much of You.



beckyjomama said...

Dear Lord ... what Erica said. Amen

Kelli said...

Beautifully said.

Anonymous said...

Your gentle and quiet spirit have made much of him in my life.

The way you love your children and I has made much of his love in my eyes.

I love your heart and your willingness to confess. Your honesty spurs me on to make much of him.


j said...

I can completely relate to this cry of your heart. Too often my heart's intentions don't match up to my daily reality...and I end the day feeling much of what you just poetically put into words. Spoken with such transparent beauty...thanks for sharing your heart. (He'll make much of that, I'm certain.)