Friday, January 15, 2010

Seduced into Irrelevance

"...I suspect that the greatest weapon in Satan's arsenal is the trick of teaching us to cherish nothingness-- and most people buy into his lies." -- Calvin Miller, The Power of Letting Go

How many people do you know that are pouring their lives out for things that don't matter? My wife and I have been following the ministry of Matt Chandler, a pastor recently diagnosed with a serious form of brain cancer. We'll listen to his messages online and I've had the privilege of seeing him speak in person as well. He recently echoed the above quote in a video address to his church when he said that his cancer has reminded him of what's important in life, and that "most men are wooed and seduced into lives that don't matter."

Satan is a deceiver, and he will try to get you to find your fulfillment, joy, and happiness in things that do not matter. I believe this specific deception is extremely prevalent in the Church. Satan has other tactics for non-believers, but for Christians this is one of his favorite. He will get you to think "going to church" is the extent of your relationship with and calling by God. For those who work within the church he will get you to focus on the tasks, administration, and programming side of your work as he tries to crowd out the very spiritual source and relational fabric by which and for which we pursue our vocations. 

It seems like God will show me what's "next" in my walk with him, and I'll begin moving that way, and after awhile I end up "going through the motions" instead of putting my heart and soul into his will. That's when the stirring comes, and God whispers, "focus..."

Have you had that stirring from God lately that you really need to focus? That you need to reevaluate every area of your life-- work, home, free time-- and begin focusing in on his will and what truly matters?

Satan will try to keep you in a place of complacency or acceptance when you being to hear God's calling to focus. But I challenge you to not be content with going through the motions. Don't be seduced into irrelevance. Make the tough decisions that will re-focus you on the will of God in your life.

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." 
-- 1 Timothy 4:8


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Joel Young said...

Good stuff man. The sad part is that sometimes it doesn't take much seducing to pull us into irrelevance. Thanks for the reminder.