Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yeah, its sad...but its pretty funny

Judah has become our little hawk - perched on an arm eyeing every bite of food or drink hand to mouth. But he doesn't do it silently; with a yearning moan he "begs" for a taste. And bless his heart, he reaches with his little hands attempting to just help himself if you are none too willing to share.

I was lounging in our bedroom trying to do my homework for Bible Study when Aron walked with Judah & a glass of Verner's Ginger Ale. I turned the Mac to catch Judah in action.
This is sad! Amber, you can put this as an illustration in your "How Not to Parent your Children" book.
Seriously. This is why our 3 year old has a L-O-V-E for diet coke (that & she lived with 3 people who had McDonald's diet cokes on a daily basis). Thankfully, we can curb her cravings with chocolate milk.


j said...

it's not allowing me to view the video at this time, but i still chuckled out loud when i read your post and saw the still image of your video. judah and vernor's! yes, great for the "How Not to Parent your Children" book (I have a whole laundry list to add to that one!)

that is just too funny! berlyn does the exact same thing with us and food! it's like they just know they are missing out on something good. she is especially interested and reaching for cups/beverages we are trying to drink. what are we going to do when it is time to eat the green beans and squash? their little tastebuds are going to be craving a bit more, don't ya think? :)

we are already calling her lil' mooch!

grandma Jackie said...


kara e said...

i agree with grandma jackie!


Amber said...

That's awesome. I love it. I think I remember a story about D.P. giving my brother a pickle when he was a baby and then it turned out my brother liked it.

Judah just has good taste!