Wednesday, January 13, 2010

tender moments at dawn's first light

Both babies have been awaking early, early in the morning...around 5 am, and subsequently ending up in our bed. (Probably a bad habit, but its so close to time to get up, we don't want to waste those precious last minutes coaxing them back to sleep.) This has created some special moments in the early morning light.

This morning I nursed Judah at 5:00, and after finishing up, I layed him on my chest (his perferred sleeping position). With eyes closed and tummy full, he proceeded to sing the sweetest song for about 5 minutes. Immediately a verse I've shared several times on our blog flooded my mind:
Nursing infants gurgle chorus about you... psalm 8:2 (the message)

At 5:20 Judah and I had just drifted to sleep, and I awoke to a little Belle snuggling in next to us. Sometime later, I felt a tiny finger tracing the features of my face, then a delicate hand stroking my hair. What a treasure to a mommy's heart.
I will miss these moments when my babies are grown. 

Do you think they'll still crawl in bed with me when they're 15? I hope so.


Anonymous said...

I hope not!!!

tiny twig said...

ha, i think it would be a pretty full bed. :) love those precious baby moments though. you are blessed, indeed!

momma kirk said...

oh,so precious!Spoken like you're fathers son APK:)LOL.Love you guys!

beckyjomama said...

When I go see my mom or she comes here, I still climb in bed with her - Special memories.

PS - I LOVE it when the girls take over our bed on Sat. mornings! LOVE.IT.

Kelly said...

It is hard to be upset with lack of sleep when they are so sweet. BTW, i believe that is the sweetest pic of Judahman yet.

Kelli said...

The almost 14 year old will snuggle on the couch with us but the days of sneaking into our bed are over and have been for several years.